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The general manager of a restaurant is responsible for overseeing all of  the restaurant's operations, which includes hiring and firing staff,  purchasing food, supplies and equipment, and dealing with suppliers and  vendors. The  general manager also oversees maintenance and upkeep of the dining  areas, kitchen, and exterior grounds of the restaurant; scheduling of  staff; decisions regarding the menu; budgeting, accounting, payroll, and  other financial  matters; promoting and advertising the restaurant; and dealing with the  legal and regulatory issues involved in running a business. The general  manager is likely to be on the premises much of the time, particularly  during busy dining times or busy seasons.  They may interact with customers from time to time, but are more likely  working behind the scenes to keep the whole operation running smoothly.  There may be additional areas of responsibility, such as marketing and  promotion, or finding entertainment or scheduling  other events.

The general manager  must be skilled in handling stressful working conditions, be an  excellent multitasker, and be able to deal with frequent interruptions  calmly and decisively. Depending on the size of the restaurant, the  general  manager may not directly involve themselves in every aspect or task in  the restaurant; that means delegation is a key skill for any manager.  Extensive experience with restaurant employment and management is  helpful to the general manager.

General Manager Duties:

*Develop operational, marketing,    and business plans in conjunction with owners.

*Estimate food and supply needs, oversee the placement of orders.


*Hire, train, and supervise managers and staff.

*Manage the budget, administer payroll, and make sure operations remain within budget.

*Establish and enforce standards and regulations for personnel, administration, entertainment, and food. 


We are looking for a vibrant and ougoing individual to host our karaoke nights! Stop by the restaurant for more information.

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