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Looking for your next gig?

Timberwolves BBQ would like to show our support to all up and coming musicians to perform your original music at our establishment on Friday and Saturday evenings.   In the spirit of giving back to the County and encouraging our local musicians to come out and showcase their talent to the community.   Timberwolves is pleased to provide a platform for artists who are willing to play for door or tips.  We are about the enjoyment of the music for the audience as well as the performer.

We ask that our performers join us in that spirit of giving back by agreeing to a portion of the proceeds, whether it be from door or tips, be donated to the charitable organization chosen for the month that the artist is performing.

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and please include if you are a solo artist/band music genre and a link to a song and/or video of your music. 

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